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Your medical product or service may be first in class, yet there are many hurdles, especially the fourth hurdle which can prevent patients from gaining full access to your product or service.

We provide a series of professional support modules tailored to enable your product to achieve successful market entry (Market Access). As a requirement for some medical products and services to gain optimal reimbursement in Japan, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) or Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) may also need to be addressed.

Our services are supported by professional world class experts based in Japan, Europe and the Asia-Pacific who are skilled in developing high quality market access and cost effectiveness strategies for the Japan healthcare market. These services have been specifically designed for companies wanting to know where and how to get started, and most importantly, for companies wanting quick and effective results at a price they can afford.

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If you are hesitatent to start a big project, then why not start a small project from scratch? We will provide your company with discussion materials designed for a big project.

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market access

Each market has different access challenges and for each product. We provide a tailor made overview of market access challenges of your product for the Japanese market, including related technical fee, reimbursement system and clinical guidelines.

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