CEA in japan

Cost-Effectivenss Analysis (CEA) was introduced in Japan in 2016 for a dozen products (drugs and devices) as a trial for re-pricing at 2018. CEA is expected to be applied to further products and possibly at initial pricing in 2018. The required CEA is similar to what is required by NICE and SMC submissions, yet, data quality and submission process as well as the impact of CEA result to the price are not known.

Under this situation, we recommend your product to start with a short CEA assessment, from which you will be able to generate a proper CEA analysis, materials for internal and external discussion, or promotion materials.

our service

We provide a series of rapid suggestions with 1) a draft of model structure in Excel, which allows you to explore its structure for further decision making, 2) a list of required data and their source, 3) suggestions for next steps with their fees and timelines. 

You will be confident to present our deliverables which is based on professional education and experience in the UK, and includes professional advice from well-known HEOR experts. Our structured approach follows the following principles: 1) right method, 2) quick delivery, 3) reasonable price and 4) realistic suggestions.

project example

Step 1: A draft of CEA model together with a list of required data and suggestions for data sources and next steps.

Duration: approximately two months


1. Two to three one-hour meetings with internal and external stakeholders to collect information about the product, the setting of care and the company strategy

2. CEA draft model development (Excel)

3. Input from UK advisors, and finalising the draft

4. Outcome and suggestions to be presented at your company

5. Deliverables: Model drafted in Excel, and 20 slides for internal presentation


*NB: This project does not include:

1. Model double check and finalisation

2. Word summary


Step 2: Primary HEOR Projects

Duration: depends on the project and its scope

  • Systematic Literature Review,
  • Advisory Board,
  • Model finalisation,
  • Manuscript development etc.


Any and all the information and data provided will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, or loaned.


Please also visit other pages, such as market access and team, before contacting us. We will set up one hour free meeting to assess and tailor your project.