Market access in japan

Market Access or the fourth hurdle is a relatively new concept in Japan, partly because all pharmaceutical products and medical device products approved by PMDA, the Japan regulatory agency, were listed half-automatically. However with a steady increase in the total healthcare expenses in Japan, pricing and reimbursement for pharmaceutical products and medical devices became challenging. You need to communicate the benefit of your product to a broader group of stakeholders to create a better market environment.

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We recommend that all products should include market access research at launch planning. Traditional Market Access research and analysis, such as stakeholders mapping and reimbursement environment will help you understand all possible approaches and their impact on your business. Each country has a different healthcare structure and therefore market access strategy to be tailored according to the market and product.

Japan is the second biggest market for healthcare services and products, now facing a fast changing access environment. This market was used to be led by medical doctors but due to the tightened healthcare budget with over supply, market dynamics are constantly changing. Those latest insights will be included in our deliverables with local experts' advice.  

Finally, we deliver a market access strategy together with realistic suggestions  to meet your budget and timeline. We will provide various levels of suggestions so that you can apply one which best meets your strategy.

project example

Step 1: A full set of Market Access research (secondary)

Duration: approximately two months


  1. Stakeholders mapping and key drivers identification
  2. Price and reimbursement environment
  3. Policy updates
  4. Market Access strategy suggestions
  5. Outcome and suggestions to be presented at your company
  6. Deliverables: List of stakeholders and their key drivers, 20 slides of summary of findings, including a list of related reimbursement programmes, and suggestions for internal presentation


Step 2: Primary Projects

Duration: depends on the project and its scope

  • Expert interview or Advisory Board
  • Pricing strategy
  • HEOR evidence development


Any and all the information and data provided will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, or loaned.


Please also visit other pages, such as cost-effectiveness analysis and team, before contacting us. We will set up one hour free meeting to assess and tailor your project.