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ISPOR Asia _ Issue Panel 18: Model Uncertainty

GHow do you deal with Model Uncertainty?

In this Issue Panel, we would like to introduce a challenge to 'model uncertainty' and discuss how to deal with it, by introducing experiences in the UK, Australia and Asia.

Moderator: Bruno Rossi (Satoru GK)

Panelist: George Papadopoulos (Lucid Health Consulting Pty Ltd), Joe Caputo (Vista Health Pte Ltd), Emiko Yoshida (Healthcare to All)

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Japan Health Economics Association 13th Annual Conference

JHEA conference will be held at Tokyo University this year.

Comparing ISPOR which focuses manufacturers, JHEA conference focuses academia and policy makers. Often local policy evaluations are presented mainly by academia.

This year, I have also submitted one oral presentation with title as 'Cost burden of in-hospital needlestick injuries'. Hope it encourages to provide safe work environment to all healthcare professionals.

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